Professional Photography in Madrid
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Tanya woke up on her eighth birthday with a Kodak Instamatic and never really looked back. She discovered that she could capture that fleeting moment , that look, that mood, that complicity.

The basic ingredients for a timeless shot are good lighting , a spot of colour and oodles of imagination.

Besides, Tanya has a knack for making the subject feel instantly at home and enjoy the shoot.

It is incredible to see how the shoot evolves and if by art of magic the bud opens and the true beauty of the person is revealed.

This process is applicable to all photographic fields such as fashion as well as portrait or corporate work. Tanya points out that it is essential to renew our image every so often.

We are constantly evolving, changing our clothes, our hairstyle, our skin colour and even our partners… So let´s capture this evolution with the camera and show it to the outside world.

Take a look at Tanya´s collages – one of her true passions. Sometimes one image is not enough to capture the essence of an event, a celebration, a place or family portrait. With the collage she fits all the pieces together and makes it one. Finding a slot for each piece of the puzzle is in Tanya´s words pure pleasure. Tanya Lacey was born in London but has been living in Madrid since 1986.